Quality pleated screens for doors being deployed
Pleated Distinction Screens being deployed

Finished, functional, fabulous

Create perfectly comfortable forever-living spaces for the whole family with high quality discreet insect and solar screens that don’t obstruct your view.

Phantom Screens give you a cool, bug-free home for happier family living – quickly and without any fuss.

Our screens are known for their exceptional quality so you can rest assured they’ll work perfectly for years to come.

By installing Phantom Screens, you’ll create highly usable spaces with reduced glare and heat, and no worries about insects entering the home on summer days.

And we take care of everything. From measuring to installation, you’ll find our customer care is second-to-none.

We’ll look after everything from moving blinds and curtains if needed, to recessing and bespoke fitting as required – and leave you with a warranty too.

Live better

Phantom Screens give you unobstructed views of your garden and landscape while keeping bugs at bay – and delivering natural light and ventilation for healthier, happier living spaces.

All of our screen framework can be precisely colour-matched to your existing door and window frames so when not in use, you won’t even notice they’re there.

Take a look at some of our manual retractable screens for doors and windows. And for large openings, our fully automated power screens can cover openings up to 12m wide in a single span.

Large automated power screens installed in a living space, allowing a view to the woodland, and garden area
View through a window mesh screen to a lake and woodland
Large automated power screens on a large deck, by a lake.  Protecting inside from solar glare and insects, whilst still enjoying the view.
View of a large house deck with outdoor furniture and a grey mesh blind over a large doorway opening

Packing a punch when it comes to power

For very large openings, our famous power screens are just brilliant at providing protection from glare and insects. They are robust, engineered four-sided zipped screens designed to work with your home and withstand different weather conditions.

You can choose the level of solar protection you’re most comfortable with and the colour of the mesh too. Our technical team are highly experienced and can advise you on the best performance fabric and fit for your particular home.

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Every single screen made by Phantom Screens is made with care and attention to detail. We cut the mesh by hand, and use highly trained craftspeople to ensure that each one is finished to our customers exacting requirements.

Quality is our watchword. Nothing leaves our workshop until we’re completely satisfied that every aspect is perfect and that you’ll love your screens as much as we enjoyed making them.

Let us show you how they’d look in your home. Use the form here to tell us when you’d like to see us and we’ll be in touch. By submitting your details, you agree to our terms & privacy policy

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Serene Window Screens start from £361 for white frames – fully fitted and including VAT

Legacy Door Screens start from £508 in white for a single door fully fitted and including VAT. Double Door screens start from £987 in white fully fitted and including VAT.

Distinction Pleated Screens start from £2240 for a 3m wide screen (covering a 3m wide door opening) fully fitted and including VAT, and from £2740 for a 4m wide screen (covering a 4m wide door opening) fully fitted and including VAT.

Executive Power Screens start from £5046 for a 4m wide screen fully fitted and including VAT.