Insect Screens

Getting bugged by insects? Nothing works better to keep insects out of your home than fly screens from Phantom Screens. No chemicals, no electric zappers, no chains or plastic strips, and no running around with a fly swat!

We promise our insect screens will prevent flies, mosquitoes, bees and other flying and crawling bugs from entering your home – making kitchens more hygienic and bedrooms better for quality sleep.

Insect screens from Phantom Screens are made from very high quality mesh, designed not to tear or degrade. All of our fly screens are handmade to your precise size requirements and fitted only by Phantom-trained experts.

Automated insect screens
A large white flower and bee
Concertina design distinction screens for insect protection
Hand opening a pleated screen

The Phantom Screens’ difference

Insect screens from Phantom Screens are not only a high quality, durable solution to insects, they’re a lifestyle upgrade – a beautiful addition to your home (with colour-matched framework too). Unlike widely available stick-on/temporary alternatives, magnetic strips, or Velcro-stick mesh options, our bespoke fly screens are fully retractable – disappearing from view when not in use – and designed to blend into the fabric of your home.

Our insect screens can be fitted either internally or externally – it depends which way your doors and windows open. Insect screen mesh is made of PVC-coated fibreglass, which is a weather-proof material built to withstand the diverse British weather year-round.

Explore our screens

Take a closer look at our range of insect screens here:

Bee sat on insect screen mesh unable to get into a home
A bee on a fly screen

There’s a screen for that

Our insect screens fit just about any window or door opening. With each screen tailor-made to your specification, the chances are we’ll be able to help you regain control of your home and prevent our six-legged friends from entering – whatever the opening type you have.

And with more negative news emerging around the impact of insects on our health – now is the time to think about fitting insect screens.

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Protection on summer evenings

Screens greatly improve living environments by keeping the bugs outside – particularly in farmland, woodland or waterside areas.

But wherever you live, our increasingly warm summers are encouraging us to keep our doors and windows open for longer – attracting moths as well as flies as soon as the lights come on. Fit insect screens and keep all flying insects where they belong – outside!

Moth flying at night
A moth flying at night

Protection Plus – mesh options available with power screens

While our manual door and window screens come with standard insect mesh, our power screens can be made with a huge selection of performance mesh fabrics. These include options for solar protection and privacy. Check out the options below.

High quality Power screens
Insect Protection


Blocks up to 55% UV rays
Available in charcoal or silver grey

Tailored design with a range of fabric options
Solar Protection


Blocks up to 75% UV rays
Available in charcoal or silver grey

Range of colour options
Premium solar mesh

Premium Solar

Blocks up to 80% UV rays
Available in multiple colours

Modern sustainable home
Privacy Protection Mesh


Blocks up to 95% UV rays
Available in multiple colours

Fly screens for windows

Our fly screens for windows are sensationally practical and cover windows up to 2m wide and 2m high.

Screens are installed by our own fitting experts so you can rest assured they’ll look great and do their job perfectly for years to come. Make your home perfect with insect screens for windows, and say goodbye to bugs forever.

Fly screens for doors

Phantom’s legendary fly screens for doors keep insects where they belong – outside.

Elegant, discreet and super-useful, Our insect screens for doors transform a home, screening openings up to 2.4m wide and 3m high.

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door fly screens - for insect protection
door fly screens