Phantom Screens Installation

Booked in your Phantom Screens installation? Brilliant! Read on to learn more about what to expect on the day.

Knock knock

Who’s there? Our fantastic installers!

Meet Jamie and Joe – a highly-trained pair of screen-fitting Ninjas who we just couldn’t be without.

Jamie (right of picture) is our senior installer in charge of the whole team, and makes sure everything is fitted to an exceptional quality standard. There’s literally nothing he doesn’t know about our screens, so put him to the test and ask him something complicated… (trust us, you’ll be impressed).

All our installers are professional, experts at what they do, and super-friendly too!

Two Phantom Screens installers, Joe (left) and Jamie (right)
Two men standing next to a van with arms folded, smiling
Phantom Screens van parked outside a sandstone house

What happens at a Phantom Screens installation?

Whichever member of our team installs your screens, they’ll take great care to introduce themselves, cover their shoes and check the spaces they’ll be working in – taking particular care around pets, children and open doors.

Our installers will give you an estimated completion time and will work diligently answering any questions you might have – at any time during the install. Read the full story of a Phantom Screens Power Screen install here.

View our installs

Every install is different. See some of them here:

Rather Fitting

Our team will tell you exactly how your screens will fit in with your current door or window configuration and will make you aware of any modifications that need to be made to accommodate your screens.

You will receive a complete run down on how to use and maintain your screens, including showing you how to programme your power screens – if appropriate.

The team will take care to keep all tools contained to the work area and will keep disruption to an absolute minimum – warning you when power tools will be used if required.

Done and dusted

One we’ve tidied away and completed our final quality check, you’ll be handed a card with details on how you can leave us a review. As a small company, our customer reviews make a world of difference and are genuinely appreciated by everyone who has been part of your journey – from consultation to installation.

Your living space is now upgraded for luxury living – wasn’t that quick and easy? If you need any further assistance or you’d like to order more, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Phantom Experts.

Phantom Screens installer handing a review card to a customer