When is the best time of year for house renovations?

When is the best time of year for house renovations? Find out here…

A house renovation is always an exciting (and often daunting) project to ponder, and we often want to get started right away… but it’s worth taking a moment to think about when the best time of year for house renovations is.

Everyone has a different schedule, you may travel a lot for work, perhaps you have pets or young children to look after, or maybe termtime is ideal for you because the house is empty, and the kids are at school.

There are a lot of factors to consider which will determine the best time of year for your renovation project. So, think over a few of these before you rush ahead:

  • Are the renovations seasonal? (Needed for comfort in a particular time of year)
  • Will you need a particular type of weather/climate to successfully complete the project?
  • Are you doing it on a budget?
  • How long is it going to take?
  • Are you doing the work yourself or will you require a team of renovators?

It’s a renowned fact that spring and summer are the most popular seasons for undertaking a renovation but don’t forget that the time of year you choose will also impact the season prior as you’ll need to spend that time planning! If you’re looking for some inspiration, then check out our Top Ten Home Improvement Project ideas!

The decision ultimately comes down to when is best for you, but let’s look at some of the pros and cons of refurbishing your home in each season:


The winter months are rather hit and miss, though it’s certainly the most underrated season for revamping your home. With the Christmas holidays looming, winter is without a doubt one of the most stressful and expensive times of year, as well as one of the busiest seasons for making personal plans. Because of this, the idea of renovating can often seem unrealistic, and the struggle to organise pushes the dream back a few months to spring/summer during the peak renovation period.

Despite this, winter can be a brilliant opportunity for doing something with your living space. Yes, the house may be swept upside-down by the madness of the holidays, and you may have already decorated the house with stockings and dressed up the tree in tangled lights. However, whilst dark nights and cold weather can be difficult to work with and even cause delays, if your project is based completely indoors then why wait until the renovators are busy? You will find much more availability and the project could turn out much cheaper than expected with plenty of discounts on tools – and even services you may require during this quieter time of year for house renovations.


With winter out the way and the weather warming up, you can’t help but get excited for those cosy summer evenings ahead. It’s a time for decluttering and spring cleaning your home. This is exactly why spring is the start of the peak of house renovations, it’s a perfect time of year for it. However, as the demand quickly builds, it can be hard to get hold of all the materials your project requires, and even harder to find renovators who have the space to slot you in. The main benefit in spring is of course the consistent weather, and getting your project finished in time for summer! You can open your doors to allow the breeze inside to dry any walls… which is when having manual screens added to your doors or windows is essential, to keep the insects out and only allow the best of the outdoors in!


The summer is when everyone is out in their gardens and proudly observing their home at its best in the sunshine. It’s the most popular time for giving home makeovers, and that May-July peak means you have to be highly organised if you’re going to make it happen as renovators are run off their feet.

It’s not the best time for renovations because the summer is when you want to be enjoying your home, not working on it! Your social calendar is full to the brim, you’ll likely have holidays booked, and having work done to your house can limit when you can have guests over for garden parties. There’s no denying that these are the months with the best weather but be careful with paint jobs in high humidity!


To us, Autumn is the perfect time for house renovations. The weather is consistently mild, the kids are back at school, it’s a quieter period before the stress of winter holidays… all of this plus you might have a bit extra in your pocket before Christmas spending. If you spend summer planning, getting your estimates and contracts sorted then when autumn comes around, you’ll beat the queues and have renovators at the ready to complete your renovations for you. Autumn is an ideal season as your revamp will be ready for you to enjoy throughout the rest of the year!

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