Cat screens to keep your cats inside (or other animals out!) 

Keep cats indoors
Indoor cat screens

We’re often contacted by pet owners keen to keep indoor cats inside, or other animals outside. In the summer, the risk of escape or intrusion increases of course the moment you think about opening windows or doors. 

Our power screens when manufactured using ‘Tuffmesh’ help solve the problem by keeping indoor cats inside and other animals out!

Cats need fresh air too

As indoor cat owners will know, cats with stimulation and exercise opportunities are perfectly happy inside, but their need for ventilation is no different from ours. Just as we don’t want to continually breathe stale air, neither do our pets. 

And in summer months, closed doors and windows only serve to increase the interior temperature – and that’s no good for our special friends with the permanent fur coats.

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Power screens for pets

Why keep a cat inside?

There are many other reasons you might want to keep your cats inside including for new pet orientation, post operative recovery and illness, or to prevent contact with neighbourhood cats or other wild animals. But without fresh air to breathe and sniff, increased interior temperatures can lead to stress. 

Claw-resistant mesh

Screening can help. Phantom Screens’ power screens can be installed with a special hi-tech claw-resistant mesh, designed specifically with pets in mind. This mesh is made from toughened PVC-coated fibreglass and is very difficult to tear. Power screens are held securely on four sides so the mesh cannot be pushed out of the frame.

Screens can be fitted to any opening – doors or windows – up to 12m wide in a single span. This means pet-owners can introduce ventilation without running the risk of losing their cats to the outside world.

Cat sat in doorway of screened doorway

Protect cats from heat, and insects too

Screen mesh provides an element of solar shading too, which helps to control the temperature on especially warm days and reduce harsh glare from the sun – keeping your cats cool in hot weather.

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Whether you want cat screens for doors, screens for large or oversize openings, or cat screens for windows, all Phantom Screen mesh prevents insects from entering, keeping your cat free from flies and other irritation from bugs.

Find out more about how screens can help protect your cats – get in touch with our team today. 

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