Coastal and waterside living

If you’re living next to water or hoping to enjoy coastal living, you’re one of a select group of UK residents lucky enough to benefit from all the perks waterside living can bring. 

Whether you’re waterside, riverside, coastal, lake or loch-side, you’re going to enjoy the tranquillity, wildlife, recreational access, and health benefits that living by water will deliver – year round.

Luxury screens
Solar screens
Solar screens

Picture yourself in a house by a river…

If you’re waterside, you’re most likely enjoying enhanced light from water reflection and possibly cooler air too. You might even have opened up your property to make the most of the view.  

Take a look at some of our customers’ lakeside homes; perfected waterside retreat – view here, luxurious lakeside living – view here, and a full house screening project – view here.

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Every single screen made by Phantom Screens is made with care and attention to detail. We cut the mesh by hand, and use highly trained craftspeople to ensure that each one is finished to our customers exacting requirements.

Quality is our watchword. Nothing leaves our workshop until we’re completely satisfied that every aspect is perfect and that you’ll love your screens as much as we enjoyed making them.

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Enjoying peak ambience

Bi-fold and sliding doors, large glazed extensions, open deck areas, infinity pools and outdoor eating areas all help you get maximum value from waterside and coastal living. Given all that, who wouldn’t want to be living next to water?

Screens for insect protection

…and insect-free homes

The benefits of waterside living far outweigh the disadvantages, and luckily those hindrances are easy to fix. So what are they? 

Well, there’s no getting away from the obvious. Most bodies of water like lakes and river pools attract flying insects – and reedbeds, trees and wooded areas can exacerbate the problem. Having created your perfect waterside home, why let bugs spoil a peaceful evening next to the water?

Keep the lights on

It’s those outdoor evenings that present the greatest challenge for insect control. As you light your barbecue or fire pit, turn on lamps or position candles, nearby moths, midges and mozzies are going to make an unwelcome appearance.

Phantom Screens keep all insects where they belong – outside.

Lakeside property with luxury insect screens

…and govern the glare

The other challenge with waterside living is managing sun glare and light-bounce from the water, and the additional heat that can develop inside as a result.

If you have large windows or doors facing the water, this heat build will happen more quickly. Solar shading screens and insect screens are the solution, and an increasingly popular choice for developers and water-side residents.

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Take a closer look at our range of insect screens here:

Gain unabridged performance

Our screens are specially designed to help you manage heat-build, glare from the sun, and insect ingress.

All our screens let you retain your view, and provide ventilation too. Any unventilated home can harbour pollutants and excess moisture which can be harmful to health. Introducing no-energy natural ventilation is the best way to avoid these issues at home. Read more about shading and ventilation here.

Fly screens for doors and windows

…with extended control

Power Screens can be fully recessed for further discretion and can be integrated with home automation systems and weather sensors for complete control. 

For even more integrated external shading, power pergolas increase property footprints and give you additional flexible light control… And they don’t interfere with your décor or door or window openings either.

A seamless design

Phantom Screens are seamless, integrated, and discreet; barely noticeable when not in use but hard-working when deployed. 

Screens are colour-matched to your existing frame colours and come in a range of performance meshes to help you manage as much or as little of the sunlight and heat as you need. 

Tailor made screens

…with ventilation benefits

There are other ways to manage heat-build and glare from the sun; the most common of which are curtains, blinds, tinted window film, and sometimes, thermochroic glass.  

However, all of these will block your view. And that’s likely to have been one of the reasons you wanted to live next to water in the first place! So why compromise when our screens retain your view?

Screen your scene

Our manual window screens will work on windows up to 2m wide by 2m high (we can go bigger with power screens for windows), and like our door screens, are installed by Phantom’s expert fitters so you can rest assured they’ll look great and do their job for years to come.

We have customers living in fantastic waterside locations all over the country. Take a look at some of our case studies to see how screens are helping them.

Door and window insect screens
Window fly screens

So, which screens for which opening?

If you have a large oversized opening, or you want automated deployment and control, then power screens are for you – they can cover openings up to 12m wide in a single span (and we can fit them on windows too). 

If you’re happy with a retractable manual screen then our standard door screens can cover doorways up to 2.4m wide and 3m in height. While our low-profile pleated screens can screen openings up to 9m wide and stop anywhere you want them to.

Find out more about Phantom Screens

Just talk to us and tell us about your specific property needs. All of our screens are bespoke to your needs and the positioning and style of your door and window openings, so we always visit to conduct a professional measurement survey before we can quote.  

Get in touch with our experts today and learn more about screening for waterside living. A survey carries no obligation to buy and is conducted at a time to suit you.

View another waterside property screen installation – Luxury Riverside Living in Surrey.

Luxury Waterside Insect Protection
Luxury Waterside Insect Protection