Eight Top Tips for Home Office Improvements

There has been a lot to adapt to in recent years, and home working has been one of the most radical changes to everyday life. It has been shown that working from home has some undeniable benefits, including helping to save money, reduce carbon footprints, and improve work-life balance.

Whether you are continuing to work from home or taking a more flexible approach to your office hours, make sure you are investing in a comfortable space year-round. Here are some key elements to consider when looking to improve your home office environment:


A consistently underappreciated aspect of office design is the colour around you, and how it can affect your mood and productivity. An office needs to be a calming environment that can be the breeding ground for great ideas! For example, blue causes the most productivity in people, a bright yellow is energising, and a vibrant green invokes a feeling of rejuvenation (a great antidote for writer’s block!).

Keep in mind how the colours across the room complement each other and keep them on the brighter end of the scale – the last thing your office needs is a dark, dull tone or a distracting mix of striking colours.


Comfort is essential when considering your home office design, and keeping a healthy posture is key. Find yourself an office chair that will keep you comfortable and focused. Seat material, backrests, armrests, and an easily adjustable seat height are all important to factor in when selecting your home office chair. Also, if you’re easily distracted by leaning and swivelling, a static chair might be better for you.

Your desk

Consider the placement of your items. You need space to breathe and room to think, don’t overwhelm yourself with a busy desk. Pick the most important items – for example, do you use the phone a lot? If so, place this in a convenient location, free of clutter.

Outdoor office – Pergolas

If you are interested in building an extension or renovating an outdoor space, have you considered a pergola? Integrating work and well-being, pergolas are a multi-purpose retreat from the sun – ideal for an outdoor office that can transform into a dining area at a moment’s notice.

This stylish alternative is gaining momentum with increasingly hotter summers and warmer weather throughout the year convincing us to make the most of being outdoors. The motorised pergola roof system allows you to turn your patio into a stunning ‘warm-in-winter’ but ‘shaded-in-summer’ living space.

Pergolas are a fantastic way to create an attractive ‘extension’ or garden space, without the hassle of building or construction. For more garden office inspiration, visit Homebuilding & Renovating.

Minimal distractions

Does your role include lots of writing and original ideas? You will most likely require peace and quiet to perform. To make sure you stay ‘in the zone’, avoid locating your home office next to a kitchen, lounge, or any other hub of the house.

A plant

Office plants aerating a room is a common misconception, but they are proven to heighten concentration levels. Introducing this natural element not only helps you retain focus, but they also add in a luscious dash of colour.


Whether your home office windows are north-facing or south-facing, the sunlight can strain your eyes and its harsh glare can hit your monitor, making it particularly difficult if your work focuses on visual content, such as graphic design or videography.

Venetian blinds can be a great help, but it can be difficult to get the right level of brightness, and even leave distracting shadows. The search for the suitable window treatment can be difficult, but we have an answer that ticks all the boxes…


Window mesh
Window Mesh Held Taught By The Cassette

Window fly screens are a fantastic solution for keeping insects outside and reducing solar glare with a 55% UV block. This allows you to keep your windows open in the hot summer months, providing the cool relief of bug-free ventilation whilst helping you save on air conditioning costs.

If you are looking to screen a set of large doors, Power Screens are what you require for your home office upgrade – with their clean lines that don’t compromise your home’s architecture, Power Screens are both stylish and functional.

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