Pleated Door Screens Upgrade Contemporary Shropshire Home

Pleated Door Screens Upgrade Contemporary Shropshire Home

This stunning contemporary home tucked away in the Shropshire countryside is now protected from insects thanks to their new pleated door screens from Phantom Screens. Read the full story below…

Being surrounded by the beautiful countryside is something many people dream of. The thought of rural landscapes of rolling fields, a gentle breeze in the trees and the chirping of birds certainly sounds romantic. The homeowners of this impressive Shropshire property believed that to be the case too… until they realised, they had overlooked a small but key detail of countryside living – the bugs.

Having put so much time and work into their dream home, they were distraught to discover that the countryside meant living with insects. After countless days chasing mosquitoes and spiders out of the house and trying every home remedy in the book, they decided enough was enough.

After browsing the internet for permanent solutions to stop flies getting in the house, they found the UK’s leading insect and solar screen manufacturer, Phantom Screens, and got in touch with our experts.

Our Phantom experts listened carefully to our customers’ needs and understood their agony. After sending us some photographs and rough measurements of their doors and windows, we gave the customer a quote and booked in a home survey at a date and time that was convenient for them.

Having visited our customers’ wonderful home, our team took precise measurements of their doors and windows. We also discussed fabric options with them, making sure they fully understood the benefits of each fly screen fabric.

Once a decision was made, we returned to our factory and handcrafted the screens to our customers’ exact requirements. Following the bespoke fly screens having their final quality inspection, our team headed back to our customers’ home to install them. The installation took place on a date chosen by our customers and was completed within a few hours with minimal disruption.

Three pleated double door screens were installed across the ground floor – two in the kitchen, one on another back door. Window fly screens were also installed throughout the home. The chosen fabric for all the fly screens was 18:16 black mesh – a classic look that keeps the views perfectly intact whilst providing total insect protection.

Pleated insect screens are manually operated and open by hand. They come with a 3mm floor track, which allows you to stop the screen at any point to keep the door screen partially open should you wish to. This is ideal for quickly nipping in and out to and from the garden without having to fully open and close the screen.

The frames of each tailormade fly screen were colour matched to the existing door and window frames, so that they blend in seamlessly with the design of the home. The colour match option creates a slick, integrated look, where the screens are hidden away when not in use.

An additional benefit to the screens was the solar shading element. Whilst the primary function of this fabric was to stop mosquitoes, flies, and spiders from getting inside, it does also provide a level of UV protection which can help to keep the home cooler when in use. This is particularly helpful during hot summer days, when doors and windows can be left open to remove staleness and allow cool, fresh air to circulate through the home without the risk of the bugs and harmful bacteria getting in.

The customers were so impressed with the insect screens that we recently returned to install even more! An insect-free home is now essential to their happiness, and they can’t comprehend how they lived without screens before.

Are you tired of bugs flooding your home? Take back control with our range of manual and automated fly screens. Get in touch with our team today to discuss the best solution for your home!

Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
Products3 x Distinction Screens (RAL 9005 Satin), Painted Window Fly Screens (RAL 1035 Satin)
FunctionInsect protection
Mesh18:16 black mesh