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Fly Screens for Bifold Doors

Phantom Screens was called to an exclusive residential development to advise on the best solution for fitting flyscreens for bifold doors. The property was set back from a high street in Richmond-upon-Thames, London – an attractive mid-terrace, three-bedroom Victorian family home in a quiet cul-de-sac located a short walk from Hampton Court Palace. The residents had already spent a summer in the property and had found that it was difficult to introduce a breeze in the hot weather without also opening the house to insects and spiders. They decided that it was time to call in the experts.

Phantom Screens’ installation specialists carried out a home visit and talked the family through their options. Having already lived abroad, the residents were accustomed to the idea of having fly screens for bifold doors and had a good idea of what they were looking for. They decided to install two Distinction Screens on the patio bifold doors leading to the garden and smaller Serene Screens on the windows throughout their home. This would allow them to leave their doors and windows open whenever they pleased, without worrying about pests and garden debris getting in.

Distinction Screens are designed to do exactly what this family had in mind: they allow you to blend indoor and outdoor spaces, keeping your home cool without the intrusion of pests and detritus from the garden. The retractable fly screens for bifold doors feature a pleated mesh and are intended for larger doors and openings.

Our Serene Screens are also retractable and are designed for windows up to 2m wide. They allow the sights and sounds of the outdoors in, so you can enjoy the fresh air and make your home more comfortable without spending extra on cooling systems or bug zappers.

Like all homeowners, they wanted to be sure that their investment would continue to pay off in the long term, so they were reassured to know that all Phantom Screens are professionally installed by local experts. Our expertise allows us to anticipate potential challenges and to ensure our customers enjoy hassle-free use of their screens for years to come.

Serene screens can be fitted with a range of mesh types to tailor the performance to our customers’ needs. This includes meshes that cut UV rays to control solar gain inside the house, and even blackout fabrics that seal around the edges to ensure no light bleed.

In the end, this particular family chose a fabric that would prioritise protection against insects. They were planning to install a set of blinds behind their Phantom Screens, which would take care of solar gain and UV management. Even with both the fly screens for bifold doors and window screens installed, the impact on the interior design was minimal. The slim Serene housing was colour matched to blend in with the family’s existing windows, while the low-profile bottom rail of their Distinction door screen meant that they didn’t have to step over it when walking out in the back garden.

The homeowners were discerning about the way they wanted their fly screens for bifold doors to both look and operate. The feel of the product was an important consideration; the glide of the screen had to be just right. Part of the reason they came to Phantom Screens is because they had heard that we manufacture our products from high-quality components to ensure a premium feel.

Our Distinction pleated fly screens fit most door sizes and types, making them an ideal solution for this family’s large bifold doors. The doorway would see a lot of use throughout the year, so it was important to choose a quality product that would continue to function correctly for years to come. For that reason, our Distinction door screens boast a wire tension system that ensures they operate smoothly, every time. They also feature a pleated fly screen mesh technology designed to be durable, so it resists sagging and tearing.

Having children in the house makes owners acutely aware of hazards such as dangling strings which can cause injury. In this case, the family was relieved to learn that our screen cassette design is child safe, with no cords or hanging parts. The Serene window screens this family installed also feature a soft-close system to ensure that they slide gently back into their housing when not in use. This meant the owners could install them in the children’s bedrooms without worrying about damage from accidental misuse.

Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
ProductsLarge door screens
FunctionInsect control
Sizes2m high x 3.1m wide
MeshStandard 18/16 pleated insect mesh in black