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Fly Screens for French Doors

This family came to Phantom Screens looking for fly screens for french doors that would help them make the most of their awesome outdoor spaces. They wanted to be able to have breakfast on their veranda while leaving the doors open to let the breeze circulate around their home. Their aim was to be able to come and go without having to open and close the doors to prevent bugs from getting in, thereby causing further heat build-up inside the house.

The family also made use of an attractive courtyard on the ground floor, accessed via several sets of doors. This area was ideal for a summer barbecue and, when all the doors were thrown open, felt like an extension of the ground floor.

We installed Distinction fly screens for french doors on the doors leading to outdoor dining areas. This included a large Distinction screen on a double door leading from the first-floor lounge to the veranda, and a series of smaller Serene screens on other openings to protect the house from pests.

Our pleated fly screens are fitted with a durable, pleated screen mesh that is designed to resist sagging and tearing. Each screen is measured, constructed, and installed by our team of experts. Once installed, an interior wire tension system ensures the screens move smoothly and feel great to use.

Fly screens for french doors are constructed from quality components to ensure years of trouble-free operation. They also fit sliding, double, and bi-fold doors up to 9m wide, making them a good choice for most properties. View an install of a Distinction XL screen here.

With Phantom Screens installed, this family is now able to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner outside, while a refreshing breeze circulates throughout their home. The screens also provide solar shading, which reduces glare and makes it easier to manage heat build-up inside the house.

The fly screens for french doors are colour matched to the existing doors, which helps them to remain all but invisible when not in use. Additionally, the low-profile bottom rail means the family do not have to remember to step over it when coming and going.

The mesh of the pleated fly screens also has the bonus effect of improving privacy during the day. When looking into the home from outside with the doors closed, the screens increase the reflectivity of the glass and help to obscure the view.

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Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
ProductsLarge door screens
FunctionInsect control
Sizes2m high x 2.7m wide (Double)
2m high x 0.9m wide
2.5m high x 1.7m wide
2.5m high x 1.9m wide
2.5m high x 1.9m wide
MeshStandard 18/16 pleated insect mesh in black
ColourRAL 9010 Matt