fly screens for commercial buildings
Phantom Power Screens for Restaurant in Loch Lomond

Insect screens

Insect screens and solar screens help you offer a distinct advantage in guest comfort – in reception, hospitality, dining and sleeping, and in worker comfort and catering compliance in kitchen and food preparation areas.

Our Power Screens provide solar shading, insect protection and additional privacy without spoiling the view. Insect screens can be recessed into columns and walls or retrofitted to existing structures and retract out of site at the touch of a button.

Managing showroom comfort

For showrooms with large glazed areas, Phantom Screens are a superb solution in controlling solar glare – allowing you to continue sales meetings and customer interactions in comfort and without distraction. Insect screens can be fitted either internally or externally to minimise heat gain, block UV rays and allow fresh air to enter when the windows are open.

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insect screens for commercial property
Large Screens to Help Control Solar Glare
remote control

Intelligent control

Screens can be linked to building management systems or fitted with sun and wind sensors, so that they automatically deploy or retract to regulate the temperature according to outdoor conditions.

Our commercial insect screens can also be fitted with blackout fabrics to suit applications where unwanted light is a problem (e.g. projection rooms or photographic darkrooms).

Hygenic, compliant kitchens

We offer fully fitted manual Legacy Door and Serene Window Screens where quick access and consistent insect control is required:

  • Insect screens can be RAL colour-matched to your design scheme.
  • Phantom Screens’ high-quality components ensure years of trouble-free operation.
  • Our durable mesh technology resists sagging and tearing.
  • Mechanical components covered by a Limited Two Year Warranty.
  • Surveyed and fitted by Phantom Screen experts.
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Soft-close options available
window mesh for fly protection
Retractable Screens from Phantom

We’ve got it covered

Our retractable manual insect screens will cover doors up to 2.44m wide, and windows up to 2m wide.

Download our Legacy brochure to find out more about our insect door screens. Download our Serene brochure to find out more about our insect window screens. If you would prefer to fit window or door screens yourself, you may want to explore our DIY option.

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