phantom power screens for doors
Phantom Automated Power Screens Up to 12m wide

Integrated screens

Architects specify our integrated screens because they offer a cohesive, integrated solution to solar control with zero impact on architectural design.

Automated power screens work with openings up to 12m wide – in a single span. Designed to fit the current modern home aesthetic, when not in use, our integrated screens simply disappear into a dedicated pocket space. Drop bars are colour-matched precisely to existing frame colour schemes to work with the building and add further integration.

Mesh performance

Integrated power screens can be fitted with a large choice of performance fabrics depending on need and on the property’s aspect. Solar control mesh can block up to 97% of the sun’s UV rays, reducing heat build-up and therefore reducing the need for air conditioning.

When heating, cooling and lighting performance are included in build calculations, smart solar control screens contribute significantly to the building’s overall performance rating.

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phantom power screens for large openings
Large Motorised Power Screens by Phantom Screens

Part of the building fabric

Phantom Power Screens are robust, engineered four-sided zipped integrated screens designed to work with the property and withstand the weather. Our technical team are highly experienced and knowledgeable in build integration, and, as part of the global Phantom network, we work with individuals, contractors and developers worldwide.

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Automated Solar Blinds

Like our large automated screens? We also supply and fit bespoke solar blinds from the world’s best suppliers.

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Automatic solar blinds
Power Blind for solar shading

Build benefits

When you integrate Phantom Power Screens in a build scheme, you’re offering value for money predominantly by helping to manage ‘G’ Value; reducing costly power bills for air-conditioning and cooling. Our integrated screens achieve this by allowing cool air to circulate at specific times of day and by significantly reducing solar gain and radiant heat from the sun.

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Solar Fly Screens
Solar Fly Screens

Solar savings

Some studies suggest solar control screens reduce power costs by up to 33%. Conversely in winter months, smart screens can help provide additional insulation by retaining latent heat when deployed later in the day.

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