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French Door Fly Screens

Phantom Screens was recently invited to a beautiful home in a rural Lincolnshire village to discuss French door fly screens. The owners were looking for a modern solution to dressing a new set of French doors they were having installed. These doors would lead to their garden and the family was looking for a solution that would not obscure the view or distract from the newly refurbished interior.

This family home had farmland nearby, so it was important to find a way to keep insects out. Neither curtains nor blinds would offer this protection, which is what led this family to discover sleek French door fly screens.

After visiting the property and talking to the owners about their requirements, our experts recommended the Phantom Screens Distinction range. Distinction screens feature a pleated mesh and are ideal for oversized doors and larger openings like these.  The key to this installation was that the owners wanted the French door fly screens to work in tandem with their new, custom-designed doors.

The family was looking for a manually operated system that would slide smoothly and evenly when deployed. The Distinction range of Concertina fly screens has just the premium feel they were looking for. It is fitted with a wire tension system to ensure smooth operation, and is compatible with French, sliding, double, and bifold doors up to 4 metres wide. This made them an ideal match for this family’s double-door opening.

Our experts worked with the joiner to design a set of doors with a built-in recess. The French door fly screen frames would be hidden inside this space when not in use to reduce their visual impact on the interior design. The family appreciated Phantom Screens’ ability to provide support and advice tailored to their specific needs, which allowed them to find the most elegant solution for their new-look home.

As parents of young children, the owners of this home wanted a screen without raised rails and steps that could cause young ones to trip and fall. Again, Distinction screens fit the bill here, as they have an unobtrusive, low-profile bottom rail that would lie flush against the oak door frame and would be easy for little ones to clear.

Having gone to great lengths to refurbish the interior of the property, naturally it was important to the owners that their French door fly screens did not detract from the new look. Our experts assured the owners that Distinction concertina fly screens can be finished in any RAL colour to match existing decor. In this case, the residents chose a darker frame colour that would ensure that their Phantom Screens didn’t stand out or clash with their interior design choices.

Much like any busy family, it was important to the homeowners that items they buy for their home continue to function reliably for years to come, without causing them extra stress or forcing them to take time out of their busy schedules. For that reason, the family was relieved to hear that at Phantom Screens, durability and reliability are paramount. Our experts explained that Phantom Screens are manufactured in the UK from high-quality components to ensure years of hassle-free operation.

Our Distinction French door fly screens incorporate a tough mesh, made from a polyester weave with a PVC coating for added durability. The pleats ensure that it is easy to fold away when not in use, which helps to protect your screens from accidental damage.

Phantom Screens also represent a sound investment when it comes to your utility bills. The mesh weave is not only fine enough to stop insects, it also provides up to 55% solar shading. For this family, that meant a reduction in solar heat gain, cooler rooms, and less money spent on keeping the temperature down throughout the summer.

We asked the family about life with their new Phantom French door fly screens, and this was their reply:

“We live in the country and desperately want to keep bugs out, but don’t want to distract from the beautiful new oak doors that are key to the ‘wow factor’ in our kitchen. The Phantom Screens team couldn’t have been more helpful. They worked with our joiner to design a built-in casing for our French doors, which hides the screen when it’s not in use. It’s such a discreet and elegant solution.

Of the many trades and services we used during our renovation, Phantom Screens was by far the most professional. Full of good advice, they worked around our requirements and timelines. Nothing was too much trouble. Plus, the fitting was quick and mess free – a real novelty after six months of builder’s dust!

We wanted to renovate our house to make it stylish and practical for a family with young kids living rurally. These retractable screens cut glare from the sun while keeping flies and other unwanted visitors out – without compromising the design. And our guests always comment on how amazing they are!”

To find out how Phantom Screens can help you to ventilate your home and keep it bug free, contact us now. To find out more about Distinction concertina fly screens, view our Distinction brochure here.

View a Wimbledon-based Distinction Screen install here.

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Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
ProductsLarge door screen
FunctionInsect control
Sizes2m high x 1.7m wide
2m high x 1.4m wide
MeshStandard 18/16 pleated insect mesh black
ColourRAL 9017 Satin