Insect Protection for Lakeside Lodge

Insect Protection for Lakeside Lodge

Overlooking a wildlife-filled lake, this luxury lodge in South Yorkshire has been enhanced with a Double Distinction XL pleated insect screen. Read the full story of how this allowed the homeowners to enjoy the views from their waterside property without letting the bugs inside…

This tranquil lakeside lodge has a modern interior and stunning views over a lake. Before moving in, the homeowners had dreamt of sitting out on their balcony year-round enjoying a glass of wine watching the sunset over the lake each evening.

However, it soon became clear to the homeowners that with the moist climate of the water came the insects. The lodge would become flooded with all manner of mosquitoes, flies, and spiders. This meant that they couldn’t leave open their set of large bifold doors that lead to the lakeside balcony.

This also resulted in the property getting hot and stuffy as they couldn’t ventilate the lodge to replace the stale air with fresh air. The only other access points to the balcony were through the bedrooms, the last place you want bugs flying around (and not ideal when guests are over!).

Desperate for a solution that would keep the dreaded insects out of the home, they found Phantom Screens online and got in touch with our team of highly trained experts.

The customers explained that they needed to stop the insects and spiders from coming inside when they left their doors open. They then sent us some photos and rough measurements of the doors that they were looking to screen – this gave our team a full understanding of the issue at hand.

A free home survey was booked in at a date and time suitable for the customer. When our expert team arrived at the property, we took accurate measurements and discussed the customers insect screen options at length so they fully understood what we could provide.

After handcrafting the screens in our factory in Peterborough, we booked in the installation date (learn more about what to expect at a Phantom Screens install here). Within a few hours, this home was fitted with our high-quality insect protection screens.

The star of this manual screens install was the Double Distinction XL. This is a large double door version of our standard pleated screens for doors. This was fitted internally in standard white, which blends in seamlessly with the existing bifold door frames.

Distinction Screens are operated manually (hand pulled) and keep insects outside whilst retaining the views. They have a unique pleated mesh – the origin of this elegant design comes from ancient Japanese tradition of compactness.

Two single Legacy door screens were installed to the back doors in the bedrooms. These were externally fitted, and colour matched to the door frames to ensure they didn’t compromise on the design on the property.

As the need for this install was to keep bugs outside, all three of the screens were installed with our standard insect protection mesh. Across our range of screens, we also have options to keep homes cooler with solar protection screens, and even blackout/privacy screens. Get in touch to discuss how Phantom Screens can upgrade your home for luxury living.

Additional benefits of these manual fly screens include the ability to ventilate the property with bug-free fresh air (helping to keep down air conditioning bills), and taking the edge of solar glare. All of this without interrupting the gorgeous views of the lake!

Our customer is now able to relax on their outdoor deck with clean, fresh air flowing through their property without any creepy crawlies flying in.

Do you own a waterside property which requires insect protection? Drop us a line to discuss your screening needs further and start the journey towards finding the right solution for your home.

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Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
Products1 x Double Distinction XL – 5425mm wide x 2120mm high – White hardware
3 x Single Legacy door screens – 760mm wide x 2060mm high (x2), 895mm wide x 2060mm high (x1), RAL 7016 satin
FunctionInsect protection
Mesh18:16 black mesh (Distinction XL Screen)