10m mega screen

10m mega screen

One of the largest screens we installed in 2020 was this fully recessed 10m power screen for a London-based client – perfectly complementing a stunning new extension.

The mega screen was externally fitted with three cradle brackets and sits neatly inside a purpose-built solar ledge shading device, so that it disappears completely when not in view.

The screen drop bar was colour matched to our client’s sliding door framework and contains standard 18:14 insect mesh.

As we know from many hundreds of installations, architectural spaces that incorporate a lot of glazing generate additional light and heat which serves to attract passing insects.

Large openings with sliding or bifolding doors add drama and impact to home extensions, and provide valuable cooling for south facing openings in the height of the summer.

Our large power screens can be made up to 12m wide in a single span and protect your home from insects without preventing cool air ventilating the property.

We provided a remote control unit to control the blind with a personalised position. The client had also integrated the control into his Smart Home Automation System for a fully manageable system. 

A range of high-quality meshes is available including solar mesh that provides additional protection from glare and light bleaching.

Planning a large glazed extension? Talk to our technical experts about insect and solar management.

Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
ProductsExecutive Power Screen
FunctionInsect control
Sizes1 x 10m
Mesh18:14 insect mesh
AccessoriesRemote control with smart home integration
ColourRAL 7015