Power Blind Solar Shading in Hampshire Kitchen

Power Blind Solar Shading in Hampshire Kitchen

A large rooflight Power Blind takes centre stage in this grand Hampshire home. Read the full story of this Phantom Screens install below…

Countryside living is an attractive lifestyle to many, with less noise, more space, and fewer surrounding buildings blocking sunlight from your home. When moving into this stunning property in rural Hampshire, the homeowners fell in love with the large rooflight above the kitchen. The light flooding the kitchen would make it an appropriate hub of the house, perfect for eating, reading the paper, or socialising into the last hours of daylight. However, preventing excessive heat build and harsh solar glare was very important to them, and so they wanted to have control over how much natural light they let into their home at any given time.

Being surrounded by wildlife can come with unforeseen issues, but the owners of this charming country home were very aware that insects can come flooding in without appropriate protection. Having had fly screens installed in their previous home, they’ve spent years living without bugs pestering them, and they had no desire to give up this luxury.

After some research, they found Phantom Screens, and got in touch to discuss their need for solar shading and insect protection with our expert team. A home survey was arranged, where we were able to take precise measurements, show fabric samples, and discuss the customers’ options in more detail.

High quality craftmanship is at the heart of what we do. Each bespoke fly screen is tailor made to our customers’ exact requirements. Once the screens and automated blind were ready, we returned to the property for the installation at a date and time that was suitable for the customers.

A Power Blind with a 5% open fabric was installed to the kitchen rooflight. This can be operated by remote, mobile Somfy app, or by wall switch. When the room is getting too hot and stuffy or there’s too much solar glare, the Power Blind can be swiftly deployed.

This modern solution gives the homeowner greater control over solar gains in their living environment. Blocking glare with an automated blind keeps distractions to a minimum when working from home and allows for optimum enjoyment when watching TV. View a similar Power Blind install here.

Manually operated window fly screens were installed to bedroom and bathroom windows across the property. Having window screens installed upstairs is particularly effective for ventilating the home – by letting fresh air in to circulate through the house and letting the stuffy, stale air out.

By not allowing spiders, mosquitos, and daddy longlegs’ in, fly screens will help to keep the bathrooms hygienic and prevent the homeowners being bitten whilst sleeping. As well as keeping bugs and spiders outside, our screens will also prevent dust from nearby fields and harmful bacteria from entering the home.

Our fly screens can be coated in any RAL colour, but the chosen colour of these window screens was white – subtly blending in with the surrounding walls and window frames. The chosen fabric for the window fly screens was 20:20 black.

Contrary to many people’s preconceptions, darker meshes are easier to see through as the human eye will focus on the light behind it. This means Phantom Screens leave your views completely intact while providing total insect protection.

Many of the fly screens for windows were combined with existing roller blinds and curtains. The addition of insect screens gives our customer ultimate control with the options of bug protection, natural ventilation, and varying degrees of solar control and privacy.

The customers can now enjoy natural ventilation and idyllic views over rolling fields without the worry of flies, spiders and more entering the house. Also, their rooflight Power Blind puts them in control of the heat build and sunlight (as well as additional privacy!) in the kitchen.

Are you looking for a solution to heat build, solar glare, or insect ingress? Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your needs further – we’ll soon find the best option for your home!

Still in the planning phase? Great! This gives you more install options – including hiding your automated screens and blinds into a recess so they’re out of sight when not in use. Whether you are self building or an architect designing for someone else, we can help.

Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
ProductsWindow fly screens (Little green silent white 329),
1 x Rooflight Power Blind
FunctionInsect protection and heat/glare reduction
Mesh20:20 black (window fly screens), 5% open (Power Blind)