Automated Power Screen Takes the Win at Wimbledon Home Renovation

Automated Power Screen Takes the Win at Wimbledon Home Renovation

An Automated Power Screen played a vital part in the renovation of this character-filled Wimbledon home. Read on to discover the full story of this Phantom Screens install…

This charming property nestled away in Wimbledon, was bought with a fashionable renovation in mind. This was to be a colossal project – a full house refurbishment and modernisation with a phenomenal payoff. The homeowners had spent plenty of time living in America with fly screens on all of their properties. When reimagining the home as their own, insect screens naturally came to top of mind as something they couldn’t happily live without – even the thought of being bothered by bugs was too much to bear.

With a taste for high-quality craftmanship, the homeowners wanted to invest in something durable which will help futureproof the property. After some online research, they found Phantom Screens, a name renowned worldwide for top-quality made-to-measure fly screens, which they were aware of from their time in America.

After sending us some photos of the property and plans of the extension, our team provided them with a rough quote and booked in a home survey. This allowed us to get a clearer picture of our customers’ needs and discuss their fly screen options in broader detail – covering RAL colours, fabric types and more.

After handcrafting the screen in our factory to our customers’ exact requirements, we returned to the property to install it. Find out about what to expect from a Phantom Screens install here.

An Automated Power Screen was installed to a large set of sliding doors on a new extension at the back of the property. The extension became the new hub of the house, connecting to the kitchen on one side and opening out to the back garden on the other, making it the perfect area for socialising with guests.

By opening the doors and deploying the large, automated fly screen, fresh air could now flow through the multi-story home without insects and spiders entering the property. This helps to keep the home feeling hygienic and fresh – banishing stale air out of the upstairs windows.

The chosen mesh for this automated screen was 18:14 black, a breathable fabric which provides total insect protection without impacting your views. The metalwork of the screen was painted in the customers’ chosen colour of RAL 7032 Satin, so as to blend in seamlessly with the door frames.

A bespoke frame was provided by Maxlight, which was required as the screen needed to only cover two of three glass door panels. Maxlight’s frame allowed the screen to sit in front of the door frame rather than attached to it, so the glass panes could slide behind the screen.

Additional benefits to this Automated Power Screen include helping to remove steam, smoke, and smells from the kitchen. As well as this, the screen mesh provides a level of privacy from onlooking neighbours, and a slight UV block.

The 55% UV block helps reduce excessive heat build – something that will be hugely advantageous during stuffy heat waves. Power Screens can come in thicker meshes designed to keep the heat and harsh glare out – we call these Solar Screens.

Our customer is now able to reap the benefits of their Automated Power Screen all year round – keeping insects and harmful bacteria outside and enjoying the luxury lifestyle of indoor/outdoor living.

Are you looking for a bespoke solution to insect ingress or excessive heat build in your current home or new development? Though we do many installs in and around London, we service all over the UK! Send us some photos, plans, and rough measurements and our team will be back in touch to discuss the best options for your home. Get in touch here.

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Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
Products1 x Executive Power Screen (RAL 7032 Satin)
FunctionInsect control
Mesh18:14 black