Automated Solution for Modern Surrey Extension

Automated Solution for Modern Surrey Extension

A new open-plan kitchen / living space provided our homeowner with a fresh contemporary look to their Surrey home. Read on to find out more about their Phantom Screens’ install…

The ambition of the project was to maximise natural light – with skylights and a four and a half metre glass opening leading out into the garden. However, it soon became apparent to the homeowners that the large glass doors could cause excessive heat build and would therefore have to be left open in the summer to provide fresh air and ventilation. This would create an open invitation to flies, mosquitoes, moths, daddy-long-legs and every other creepy crawly in the neighbourhood. So, in need of insect protection, they did their research and got in touch with Phantom Screens.

A free home survey was booked, and our Phantom experts popped by to take precise measurements; discussing suitable insect mesh options. After the bespoke made-to-measure fly screen was handcrafted in our factory, we returned to install it to the property.

The chosen solution was Phantom Screens’ world-famous Automated Power Screen. This came in our standard 18:14 black mesh – a durable, breathable material designed to allow natural ventilation – keeping your home feeling fresh without letting any bugs inside. Also, the garden views are left totally uninterrupted by the mesh.

Unlike our manual screens for doors and windows, Power Screens are fully automated and operated by remote control, wall switch, or even by smart devices.

To ensure the Power Screen blended in with the design of the home, we colour matched it to the existing door frames (RAL 7016 satin).

Not only does the screen provide total insect protection, but it also has a 55% UV block, which is particularly desirable for keeping the room a little cooler on hot summer days. An extra bonus of our tailormade screens is that relying on insect-free fresh air helps to save on air conditioning bills!

The Power Screen has been a wonderful addition to our customer’s modern Surrey home and is being used every single day.

Does your home require screens for insect protection? Ask us how to banish the bugs – send us some rough measurements and images to get a free quote.

Still planning your build? Even better! You have more options when you plan your screens into the design of your home. Phantom Screens often work closely with architects to ensure a quality installation. Send us your plans and tell us what you need – our experts will be more than happy to advise.

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Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
Products1 x Executive Power Screen – RAL 7016 satin, W:4270mm x H:2320mm, internal fit to plaster outside reveal, with wall switch and remote control operation
InstallationCompleted May 2022
Mesh18:14 black mesh