Integrated Solution for Bespoke Build

Integrated Solution for Bespoke Build

It’s the thought that counts, so they say. That idiom could have been written for this beautiful customer property in England’s rural south. When building a fabulous family home like this, taking the time to think through the total living experience has paid dividends.

Our customer understood that by installing three sets of very large glass sliding doors at the rear of the house, the resulting light would also invite heat build, glare, and our dreaded enemy, bugs.

Taking the time to think through a design fix, Phantom’s Power Screens returned as a stylish, highly-functional solution that would complement the architectural design of the property, and unlike automated blinds, augment the interior ventilation.

Led by the architectural design, our technical design team worked with the builders to make our Solar Screens integrate with the fabric of the building – without head boxes on show.

We created hidden pockets below the stone lintels to fully recess three automated power screens so that they disappear from view when not deployed.

Our installation team recessed each 4.5m wide x 2.7m high screen with the screen mesh rolling over the front rather than the back of the roller, so they roll past the leading edge of the steel plates.

The two outside screens at each edge of the property are meshed with high-performance Suntex 80 solar mesh in black – to control solar gain and insect ingress. The centre screen was meshed with a 10% privacy fabric to control glare, enabling the home owners to watch TV without light reflection on the screen.

Each power screen’s metalwork was colour-matched to the door and window frames in RAL 7015. All three screens can operate independently, or as a group via a remote control deployed at the touch of a button whenever needed – allowing the homeowners to relax in a superior and ‘tuned-in’ living environment.

This home is testament to our customer’s attention to detail and their positive approach to high-quality design and craftmanship.

Are you a self-builder? Would you like to talk about high quality recessed screens to improve your living environment? Talk to our technical team today.

Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
ProductsAutomated power screens
FunctionInsect control, solar control
Sizes3 x 4.5m wide and 2.7m high screens
Mesh2 x Suntex 80 solar mesh in black
1 x 10% privacy fabric
AccessoriesRemote control
Colour RAL 7015