Claw resistant screens for Maine Coon haven

Claw resistant screens for Maine Coon haven

Keeping our pets safe, without having to lock them behind closed doors in the summer can be a challenge. For our customer in the south Home Counties, Phantom Screens’ bespoke Power Screens provided the ideal solution.

Six beautiful Maine Coon cats demand a bit of space, so a dedicated extension comes in handy. Full of climbing, lounging and play equipment, these cats have a prime view of the garden from their sunny position at the back of the property.

Our dedicated installers retro-fitted two 2.6m wide Powered Cat Screens to the inside of the sliding glass doors meaning the owner can introduce proper ventilation and fresh air to this space without the risk of losing these beautiful creatures to the surrounding countryside.

Phantom Screens recommended hi-tech claw-resistant mesh designed for pet owners. This high quality mesh is made from toughened PVC-coated fibreglass and is very difficult to tear, making it perfect for this small clan of special felines. The screen mesh prevents insects and provides additional solar protection too – helping to moderate the temperature and control heat build in the glazed extension – keeping the cats cool in the summer months.

Power Screens can be recessed at the point of build or retro-fitted to the interior or exterior of the property – and are weather resistant. Additional smart features such as voice control, sun and wind-detectors can be added for smooth, integrated functionality.

It you’re a pet owner and want to find out more about using screens for pet control, speak to our specialist team today.

Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
ProductsAutomated power screens
FunctionPet control, solar control
InstallationInternal fitting
Sizes2 x 2.638m screens
MeshToughened, claw resistant mesh
AccessoriesRemote control
ColourPremium black