The Lodge on Loch Lomond

Automated Power Screens

The Lodge on Loch Lomond is a hotel with stunning views across the loch and one of the largest commercial properties with Automated Power Screens in Scotland. Boasting 48 guest bedrooms, the hotel is located directly on the water’s edge, and its incredible vista attracts guests from around the world.

When the owners decided to refurbish their waterfront restaurant, they knew they needed to ensure their guests’ comfort without obscuring or distracting from that signature view. Having looked at the various options available, the hotel’s owner, Niall Colquhoun, decided to get in touch with Phantom Screens to discuss automated power screens.

The lodge is located on the west side of the loch, which gives breakfast diners the opportunity to watch the sun rise over the water. Automated power screens would allow the hotelier to open the windows and enjoy the fresh air from the loch without concern of insect ingress.

Rather than having staff stand between the tables to deploy each screen manually, the Lodge opted for an Automated Power Screen installation that could be operated at the touch of a button. In the case of The Lodge on Loch Lomond, six Executive Screens were installed and then programmed to operate in two groups.

Each group has its own dedicated remote control, meaning Group 1 can be moved independently of Group 2. There is also a Master Remote, which controls all the screens at once, as well as the option to move any one of the automated power screens independently.

For a large venue like this, utility bills can be significant. This is another reason that Phantom Screens represent a smart long-term investment for business owners. Phantom Screens can reduce solar heat gain and UV damage. This can help owners to be more efficient when it comes to cooling bills, and also reduces the need to replace textiles and printed collateral due to sun damage.

The high-quality meshes are made from a polyester or fibreglass weave with a PVC coating for added durability, making them suitable for outdoor use. For venues like the Lodge on Loch Lomond, every element is carefully considered to ensure the best experience for the customer. This includes aesthetic choices, which is why Phantom Screens are designed to have minimal visual impact. Following the installation, Niall told Phantom Screens: “I have been dreaming about installing your automated power screens for years now. Today we reopened our restaurant and they look magnificent. Thank you very much.”

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Project Stats

Building categoryCommercial, hospitality
ProductsAutomated Power Screens
FunctionBasic insect management, glare reduction
InstallationFully recessed
SizesSix screens various sizes up to 6.6m wide
MeshStandard 18/14 black insect mesh
AccessoriesRemote control, programmed in two groups
ColourRAL 7016 + RAL 9003