Insect Protection in North London

Insect Protection in North London

Nestled in North London is this contemporary property with an impressive, landscaped garden. Looking for the finishing touch to their extension, our customers got in touch.

As their garden was north-east facing, there was a desire to maximise all available light when designing the extension. The stylish large sliding doors achieve this and allow a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

However, to make the most of their outdoor living space, the homeowners were seeking an insect solution that wouldn’t compromise on the architectural design or impact the view of their wonderful garden. Their search led them straight to Phantom Screens…

This particular project presented a challenge. As the sliding doors all open, we needed to screen the full width of all three doors.

Three external Executive Power Screens were fitted onto specially designed sub frames to project clear of the door frames. The sub frames float off the building so the challenge was how to fix the top and bottom. Let’s break this down into more detail…

Each door had big, chunky handles projecting onto the path of the bespoke, handcrafted screens. To work with these, we removed the outer door handles to allow the outer tracks on the left and right screens to be fixed to the walls and allow clearance of the slide bars.

We also needed to ensure the centre tracks wouldn’t then be hovering in mid-air without a surface to attach to. Our customer had a sheet of ply fixed across the full width of the three doors under the soffit for the head boxes to mount to. We used the back of the boxes to anchor a subframe from head to floor level. The subframe was then anchored to the floor, creating a platform for the centre tracks to mount to – resolving the challenges of this install.

The mesh used for these screens was 18:14 black. This is our standard insect protection mesh which keeps the bugs outside and allows year-round natural ventilation. The screen metalwork was colour matched to the existing door frames (RAL 7015 Satin), making them look as though they were always part of the slick design.

Thanks to our screens, our customers can now enjoy outdoor dining and sit around the firepit without the worry of insects entering their home. This case study proves once again that no challenge is too great for Phantom Screens!

Do you require screens for insect protection or solar management? Phantom Screens is the UK’s leading screen manufacturer for manual and automated solar, privacy and insect screens. Contact our team today to discuss how we can help transform your living space.

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Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
Products3 x Executive Power Screen
FunctionInsect protection
InstallationThree Power Screens inside head boxes top fixed to underside of soffit. Tracks mounted to bespoke sub frame.
Screen sizes2385mm wide x 2700mm high (x2)
4555mm wide x 2700mm high
Mesh18:14 black
AccessoriesRemote controls
ColourRAL 7015 Satin