Luxurious Lakeside Living

Luxurious Lakeside Living

A luxury home on an exclusive waterside development is benefiting from a series of bespoke automated and manual insect screens.

All of the screens on this large lakeside property were fitted externally to provide full insect control – completely preventing waterborne insects from entering the house.

The whole brief runs to one 10m power screen to the lake and deck-side of the property, 10 other Power Screens on various openings and nine Serene Windows Screens to tilt and turn windows.

Eight of the power screens were fitted externally with full colour-matched powder-coated head boxes. The remaining three power screens were hidden in timber-clad pockets, including the main 10m screen.

We worked closely with the Lakeside developers’ technical design team to design and fit the three power screens in specially made timber pockets. This installation gives a very sleek finish and means the screens disappear completely when not in use.

The fine insect mesh does not impede views – particularly important for waterside living. As well as keeping flies, mosquitoes and other bugs out of your home, our insect screens allow you to enjoy natural ventilation year-round – helping you save money on air conditioning. See how other customers upgraded their waterside properties with automated screens: Perfected Waterside Retreat and Luxury Riverside Living in Surrey.

Find out more about the benefits of screens for waterside properties or get in touch with our technical team to find out more about screens for waterside properties.

Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
ProductsAutomated Power Screens
Manual window screens
FunctionInsect Management
InstallationLarge power screen – hidden fit, others are external fit
Screen sizes1 x 10m power screen and various other sizes
Mesh18:14 insect mesh
AccessoriesRemote control and wall switches
ColourRAL 7016