Redefined Outdoor Space

Redefined Outdoor Space

If ever there was a masterclass in how to make the most of your exterior space this year, this is it. Our customer in the south east of England installed an ultra-stylish outdoor kitchen in a sunny corner of their garden and screened it with two Automated Power Screens from Phantom Screens.

This unique and independent garden building has extended the property’s usable footprint with none of the hassle involved in extending the house.

With formal seating for eight, this summer kitchen and dining building is beautifully and comprehensively kitted out ready for al-fresco eating. And the handmade screens are weatherproof too, so even if the British summer doesn’t always live up to expectations, diners are protected from rain once the screens are deployed.

Cooking in the summer can be an open invitation for bugs once windows are open. Our Power Screens completely prevent insects from entering cooking and eating spaces meaning this customer can cook outdoors and diners can enjoy their meal without the hassle of swatting away curious wasps or flies.

The mesh provides solar protection too, so in a sunny spot in good weather, diners can decide to control glare and heat build by deploying the screens at the touch of a – remote control – button.

But in additional to managing solar gain, this mesh can help retain heat in spring or autumn months too – so even during our cooler seasons, the screens will help maximise the lower sunlight providing useful entertaining space when we wouldn’t necessarily party confidently outside.

To find out how you can redefine your existing living space – indoors or out – with Phantom Screens, please get in touch with out sales team.

Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
ProductsAutomated power screens
FunctionInsect control, solar control
InstallationExternal retrofit
Sizes1 x 1.5m and 1 x 5.2m screens
MeshSheerweave 2360 Charcoal
AccessoriesRemote control
ColourBlack Matt paint