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Insect Screens for Bifold Doors

Our customer wanted to understand how insect screens for bifold doors could help improve interior living spaces. The trend for glazed extensions and large openings has helped thousands of homeowners make more of the outdoors – connecting living and garden space and improving light quality. What isn’t always considered at the point of design, however, is that lighter, warmer spaces with large door openings, create very attractive habitats for flies, mosquitoes and other insects.

Having long understood this challenge, and aware of balancing aesthetic with environment quality, our customer began the search for a contemporary solution to replace existing manual screens with professional, insect screens for bifold doors that would provide insect-free ventilation.

Two Phantom Executive Power Screens were specified for a pair of internal-opening bi-fold doors. Each 3.4m screen was custom-made with 58% open 18/14 black performance insect mesh.

“The installation was completed in around half a day with no issues at all. Phantom Screens conducted themselves professionally, installing the insect screens for bifold doors quickly – which gave me great confidence and reassurance that I was purchasing a high-quality product.

The discreet cassette profile was of specific importance to our customer; detracting from clean architectural lines or adding bulk to a streamlined aesthetic was not wanted: “People think insect screens for bifold doors can corrupt architectural design; my advice is – they don’t, you don’t notice them at all, they’re a restrained part of the exterior frame and add real value to light, open living spaces.”

Architects and homeowners may not consider the downside of large openings and glazed ceilings – the flies are attracted by the warmth and light, and become trapped inside.”

The two Executive Power Insect Screens for Bifold Doors are set to help our customer enjoy years of improved living space and better environment quality, letting only the best of the outdoors in. Find out more about Executive Power Screens or get in touch to discuss your project.

Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
ProductsAutomated power screen
FunctionInsect management
InstallationExternal fitting
Sizes2 x 3.4m wide screens
Mesh18/14 insect mesh – 58% open in black
AccessoriesRemote control