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Motorised Fly Screens

Twenty-two years living in the USA might not give you a local accent, but it certainly gives you an appreciation of space and a healthy respect for flying insects – hence the proliferation of motorised fly screens on American homes.

The owners of the Old Butler’s Cottage in rural England knew a thing or two about screens from their time in America’s southern states and decided their UK home would be equally kitted out.

Their experience of living in Georgia meant they were fully aware of the benefits of motorised fly screens but not aware of the UK market until an online search for retractable screens brought them to our website.

Renovation work on the 160-year-old property included an oversized opening to one of the living spaces – looking out onto a private garden.

Our high quality motorised fly screens work well with bi-fold doors and can be retro-fitted on the exterior of the building but can also be fully recessed inside the opening.

For our Butler’s House, fitting at the point of building made sense and a recess fit was planned.The installation was problem-free and was comfortably achieved within a day.

‘We’re delighted – both functionally and aesthetically; you’d barely know it was there.” 

The new interior space now benefits from fresh air with none of the nuisance of insects, and while the owners were motivated by insect protection, the mesh works to reduce solar glare a little without impacting their view.

The renovation work is now complete, and the owners can enjoy opening their new space to the outside world. Our British temperatures might not match Georgia’s, but a motorised fly screen can help extend summer days, deflect energy during the day and retain heat in the evenings.

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Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
ProductsAutomated power screen
FunctionInsect control
InstallationInternal fitting
Sizes1 x 75” high x 187” wide
Mesh25% black insect mesh
AccessoriesRemote control