Space-enhancing oyster pearl grey

Colour Options

Home owners and designers often come to us requesting different colour options and this installation was no different. The family who reached out to us had a large, glazed opening to the rear of their property and they were conscious that in the evening, their indoor lighting could cause distracting reflections in the five-panel bi-fold doors.

Although the meshes that Phantom Screens supplies are usually dark in colour to reduce glare from the sun, we are able to offer different colour options and in this case an Oyster Pearl Grey mesh was used. This bespoke screen was measuring 5 metres wide by 2.3 metres high and possessed three important properties that appealed to the homeowner.

Firstly, on a sunny day, when conditions were brighter outside than inside, the pale-coloured mesh would have the effect of leaving the outdoors visible, while softening bright highlights and dark shadows. Secondly, when viewed from the outside, selecting the Sheer Weave 2360 screen mesh from our colour options gives the windows a mirror-like finish that provides extra privacy. Bright objects outside are reflected in the glass obscuring the view. Points of light indoors that would otherwise be visible are muted by the screen, so they are not visible.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, when viewed from inside the house in the evening, the white mesh prevents reflections, which reduces the perceived number of points of bright light and helps to reduce visual noise. When it’s dark outside the white screen appears opaque and acts as an interior blind. This helps to close in the space, creating a sense of intimacy and tranquillity.

The customer opted for recessed sidetracks, which meant that the track guiding the automated screen would be hidden out of sight for a cleaner, sleeker finish. By colour matching the frame, tracks and cassette with the existing structure, we were able to ensure that the screen blended seamlessly with the rest of the property.

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Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
ProductsAutomated power screens
FunctionReflection reduction, privacy
InstallationInternal fitting
Sizes5m wide x 2.3m high
MeshSheer weave 2360 in Oyster Pearl Grey
AccessoriesRemote control, independent operation
ColourDulux Diamond Matt 1579