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In early spring, a family living in north London reached out to Phantom Screens for guidance with automatic screens. They were looking for a solar screen manufacturer and fitter to help them complete their vision for a new home. Refurbishment and extension work were underway, and the newly redesigned family home was to feature several large sliding doors.

There would be a two-pane opening in the extended kitchen and dining area, as well as a three-pane door in the living room. The family wanted to be able to open their doors while cooking at any time of year, but also to protect their home from glare, insects, and garden detritus.

When advising our customers, we usually recommend they consider their automatic screens at the planning stage, when they can be flexible about their options. In situations where refurbishment and building work are still underway, our customers commonly opt for recessed, automatic screens that have the minimum visual impact on interior design. However, during the course of our discussions, the family was interested to learn that Phantom Screens can also be installed externally.

Our advisors explained that the external metallic components of our automatic screens are powder coated to marine grade. That means that even in a rainy country like the United Kingdom, the motorised components of an automated Phantom Screen are protected from the elements inside the head box. The high-quality weather-resistant construction makes external installation possible, which, in this case, was an appealing alternative to a recessed design.

Naturally, the owners initially had concerns about the stability of an external installation, especially in a windy country like the UK. However, they were reassured to learn that Phantom Screens Executive Automatic Screens are secured along all four edges, to hold the mesh securely at all times.

This family has now joined the growing number of British households that enjoy solar shading, extra privacy, and insect-free ventilation all year round.

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Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
ProductsAutomated power screen
FunctionSolar control, insect management
InstallationExternal fitting
Sizes1 x 75” high x 187” wide
Mesh25% black insect mesh
AccessoriesRemote control