Screening for Garden Enjoyment

Screening for Garden Enjoyment

Our customer’s property in a quiet central England village is set in a peaceful location and makes the most of its beautiful well-stocked garden with a light open space and oversize opening to the rear of the house.

The garden and the rural location attract the best of our British wildlife, and birds and bugs are frequent summer visitors. A large skylight in this stunning garden and reading room provides additional sunshine but like all glazed ceilings, can be a haven for flying insects in warmer months.

Our customer contacted Phantom Screens to seek an insect screen solution and we installed a 3.7m wide Automated Power Screen to the inside of the property.

The power screen is operated by remote control and in this case, by an additional fixed wall switch, which allows deployment from the outside.

The screen also provides an element of solar control meaning the customer can manage the amount of heat build and glare from the sun in warmer summer months.

To find out more about Phantom Screens’ bespoke range of products and how insect and solar control can benefit oversize openings, please get in touch with our sales team.

Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
ProductsAutomated power screens
FunctionInsect control, solar control
InstallationInternal retrofit
Sizes1 x 3.7m wide x 2.3m high
Mesh18/14 black mesh
AccessoriesRemote control and fixed external wall switch
ColourColour matched to frames