Screens for garden lovers everywhere

Screens for garden lovers everywhere

Our customer’s home nestled deep in the Midlands countryside looks out onto a beautiful large walled garden. Full of plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables, the garden was conceived and created by our customer and is based on the best of traditional English walled garden designs.

Walking into the garden, you are greeted by Parterre planted box hedges, a rose arbour walkway, stunning garden sculpture and an abundance of colour and scent everywhere. The garden is a real feature of the property (and was very much admired by our marketing team when we returned to photograph the screens!).

As every garden lover will know however, with an abundance of planting comes an abundance of bugs – eager to make just as much of every leaf and flower as its human occupants.

Rather than enter into a protracted battle over boundaries with our winged pollinators, our homeowners decided to install insect screens to retain the views of the garden, but prevent insects from entering the house.

The property has a large sunny room to the rear with oversize glazed sliding doors on both exposed sides and a glass lantern roof adding additional warmth and light. Two Executive Power Screens were specified to work independently of each other or together as required.

Each bespoke insect screen is fitted with standard insect mesh with metalwork finished in RAL 7016 to match the door frames and both were fitted to the exterior of the building.

The main screen is 5.5m wide x 2.3m high and the smaller side screen is 2.6m wide x 2.3m high. Both screens are barely visible when deployed meaning our home owners really are free to enjoy their garden views and natural ventilation without swatting away our flying friends.

Are you a keen gardener yearning to enjoy bug-free views? Contact our sales team today and ask for a no-obligation survey.

Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
ProductsAutomated power screens
FunctionInsect Control
InstallationExterior Facefit
Sizes5.5m wide x 2.3m high and 2.6m wide x 2.3m high
MeshBlack 18/14
AccessoriesRemote Control
ColourRAL 7016