A new way to live

This year has marked a real change in the way we live at home. We’re re-shaping our living spaces – flexing room functionality to accommodate work, extending and adapting previously underused space (including our outdoors) and turning the traditional house layout on its head.

The lines that once defined specific room functions and locations, are blurring. Traditional ideas are being challenged and at last, retailers are offering products and systems to support new ways of living at home.

Outdoor pergolas creating outdoor dinning areas
Pergolas – offering flexible outdoor spaces and more dining options
Garden scene with Phantom Pergolas in use
Pergolas provide the chance to create new areas of your garden; perfect for meeting with friends or family and to enjoy the summer weather

The outdoor opportunity

Our gardens in particular are receiving more attention and scrutiny as home owners ask “What else can I do with this space?”

Underused patios, quiet corners, and superfluous lawns are all up for remodeling this year with makeovers and transformations that not only add interest and purpose, but property value too

When an extension is not an extension

And our customers at Phantom Screens are at the forefront. An outdoor kitchen added to a sunny corner creates an avant garde extension without any of the actual hassle of extending – and it’s a stunning feature in its own right.

Screened with two automated power screens to manage solar glare and insect ingress, this kitchen is properly and stylishly kitted out, ready for extended summer evening soirees, whatever the weather. Read more about this project in our case study here.

Stylish pergolas with automated screens to redefine your garden spaces
Luxury pergolas, providing stylish and practical extensions to your home, with automated screens for solar protection
Pergola extension to a home to offer flexible use
Motorised pergolas, colour-matched to your property, to extend your outdoor living space.

Pergola perfection

The idea of extracting more style, purpose and value from existing space – simply – is well served by the addition of a pergola. The clean lines of these structures don’t detract from a garden scheme, rather they add a light-touch look that at once gives the impression of a larger, multi-functional property.

Pergolas make the most of underused space, augmenting the property footprint and providing you with really useful space for years to come. Motorised roof slats let you open up to the sun or close to create a wonderful ‘work-or-play’ living space. Add screens to the sides, and that underused patio is suddenly revolutionised.

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