Screens for windows

Screens for Windows

Legacy and Serene screens for windows were recently installed at a beautiful home in Market Deeping that combines traditional features with modern design. The owners wanted to create an outdoor living feel by letting fresh air into the house whilst keeping insects out. However, they also required the screening system to be as discreet as possible so as not to detract from the look of their interior.

White Serene screens for windows were fitted to the windows throughout the house and a white Legacy screen was added to the rear door, allowing fresh air to circulate through the entire house.

The screens for windows were fitted with 18/14 window mesh which is held taught by the cassette to ensure that no insects can get in around the sides. The retractable design means that the screens are barely noticeable when not in use and the discreet housing blends in perfectly with the client’s existing decor to create a seamless barrier which only lets the best of the outdoors in.

Screens for windows are a highly practical solution to the issue of flies and wasps entering the house. They are particularly useful when cooking on a mild day when you may want to open the windows to let cooking smells or steam out. The window mesh deploys seamlessly with the screen in a quick simple movement providing complete protection from insects.

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Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
ProductsWindow screens
Standard door screens
FunctionInsect control
MeshStandard 18/14 insect mesh