Full lakeside house screening project

Full Lakeside House Screening Project

This project in Wales is the most comprehensive residential UK project undertaken by Phantom Screens – to date. The property in question is situated in a spectacular setting overlooking a private lake and surrounded by trees, forests and landscaped gardens.

A new contemporary design-led property, its layout makes the most of the surroundings, with large windows and glazed doors framing the surrounding views.

Our customers’ approach to the setting extended to maximising the interior as much as the exterior environment, and so specifying screens to help make the living experience the best it can be made a lot of sense.

The lake is a prominent feature of the beautiful landscape and like all bodies of water, attracts flying insects. As such, all except the study window screen are fitted with 18:14 insect mesh to prevent our flying friends from entering the property.

Most glazed openings on the property feature a screen. The full screen specification runs to:

  • Three Executive Power Screens: two x 5.1m wide screens plus one x 6.2m wide screen working independently or as a group via remote control. Each Power Screen was head-recessed with exposed side tracks.
  • One 1m wide pleated manual Distinction Door Screen for rapid entry and exit.
  • One 1.7m wide manual double Legacy Door Screen.
  • Multiple Serene Window Screens with standard insect mesh.
  • One Serene Window Screen meshed with an anti-glare 10% privacy mesh for the study.

All screens were finished in RAL 9005 to match the door and window framework colours. These tailor made screens provide solar shading and bug-free ventilation.

Our clients knew of Phantom Screens from a previous property in their ownership where they had specified a large 6.4m Executive Power Screen in white. Check back soon for that case study.

Phantom’s sales and technical teams worked closely with this client throughout the duration of the project – it is a pleasure to now see it realised and enjoyed!

To find out more about whole house screening, please get in touch with our sales team. Do you live by a body of water? Learn more about waterside living here.

Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
ProductsExecutive Power Screens, Distinction Door Screens, Legacy Door Screen, Serene Window Screens
FunctionInsect control, solar control
Sizes2 x 5.1m and 1 x 6.2m Exec screens
1 x 1m wide manual pleated door screen
1 x 1.7m wide manual double door screen
Multiple window screens
Mesh18/14 Insect mesh or 10% privacy for study window
AccessoriesRemote control
ColourRAL 9005