Smart screens

Unlike thermochromic glass, heavy blackout fabric used in interior schemes, the performance mesh fabric in our screens ensures that internal spaces have continuous ventilation – better for health, and better for the interior atmosphere. Reduced UV also helps protect furnishings from sun bleaching.

All Phantom Screen mesh will prevent insects and other exterior debris from entering the property. Bugs are attracted to the warmth created inside highly glazed areas; our smart blinds let homeowners enjoy their new interior free from nuisance insects.

We also sell and install power blinds for when a solid fabric might be preferred.

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Phantom Screens – Designed to Protect Your Home and Interiors
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Screen the scene

Smart screen mesh retains views to the outside, and depending on density, is barely noticeable – meaning property owners can enjoy the outside view and connections to the landscape.

While smart screens retain views and maintain connections with exterior landscapes, they also offer outside-in privacy. When deployed, these contemporary screens create an external ‘mirror’ preventing daytime onlookers.

The house of hues

Different colours achieve different effects too. Dark mesh allows you to see through and focus on the landscape beyond, because dark mesh reflects less light and glare. Light colour mesh reflects light back towards you making it harder to see what’s on the other side of the screen; consequently, light mesh works well as an internal blind/screen solution, allowing architects to create a permeable ‘wall’ in an opening.

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