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Fly Screens for Conservatory Doors

A homeowner based in Cambridgeshire in the UK contacted Phantom Screens to enquire about fly screens for conservatory doors. Having heard that we supply both solar screens and insect screens, the owners wanted to find out more about how Phantom’s framed fly screens for doors could help to keep their home well ventilated and insect free all year round.

The first step was to send our experts out to visit the property and carry out a free survey. Phantom’s fly screens for conservatory doors are made to measure and are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Our team took the owners through the features of each model, including the various mesh and colour options available. By listening to the customers’ needs, the Phantom Screens team could ensure that the screens would provide the desired performance and blend with the existing decor.

The owners opted to have Legacy Screens installed on their outside doors and Serene Screens on the windows. They had mentioned that opening the doors adjacent to the garden was necessary to creating a refreshing breeze, especially in the summer – but that doing so resulted in a large number of insects entering the conservatory and becoming trapped. As a result, the owners found themselves spending an inordinate amount of time every day disposing of them.

Fly screens for conservatory doors were an ideal solution to the problem. They are manual, retractable fly screens, handcrafted for single and double doors up to 2.44m wide. Because the screens operate independently of the doors and windows, they would allow the owners to open all of their screened doors and windows year-round, introducing fresh air without allowing insects and other garden detritus in.

Following the survey, this family’s door and window screens were manufactured from aluminium in the UK, and then transported and fitted by our experts. The fly screens for conservatory doors were colour-matched to blend with the white door frames on the ground floor and the wooden window frames upstairs. The door screens installed in the utility room and conservatory have latching handles that can be released with the press of a button, following which they retract automatically.

Following the installation, we visited the family to see how they were getting on with their new screens. As well as providing protection against insects, the screens also block up to 55% of UV rays, which helps to keep the interiors cool in the summer. Now, the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors can enhance the conservatory while the owners can enjoy the comforts of a hybrid indoor-outdoor space.

Phantom Screens loves to see the difference our products have made to our customers, often transforming the way they enjoy their homes. “The fly screens for conservatory doors have really done the trick in the conservatory,” the owners told us. “Several times a day, I would have to clear out dead insects that had become trapped. Since we had the screens installed, we haven’t had one in here. It has worked wonders. It’s also nice to be able to sleep in bed or relax in the bath knowing you won’t be joined by a buzzing, stinging insect.”

If you’d like to make the most of the summer and achieve a better connection with the outside world by blending indoor and outdoor spaces, give Phantom Screens a call on 0800 096 3015.

Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
ProductsStandard door screens
Window screens
FunctionInsect control
MeshStandard 18/4 insect mesh