Fly Screens for Doors

Phantom fly screens for doors are a luxury home accessory that will equip your home for the spring, summer, and beyond.

When some of our customers first consider fly screens for doors, they might picture the kinds of screens you can buy on Amazon or DIY screens you can get from B&Q. We visit every customer and undertake a proper measurement survey, and then we colour match the frames to your doors. Next, we handmake each screen in our UK factory, and then our trained fitters custom fit each screen – nothing is ever contracted out.

The result is beautiful, handcrafted screens that add luxury and value to your home while keeping insects of all kinds outside where they belong.

What are the Benefits of Fly Screens for Doors?

Here are just a few of the reasons why any homeowner should consider fly screens for doors.

  • They look great – All you need to do is browse through our Legacy fly screens for doors to see just how elegant they can be. Each handmade door screen adds an attractive focal point to the room, showing off fine craftsmanship and design. Choose complementary colours that look great with your décor.
  • Add value to your home – While DIY fly screens might be a temporary bolt-on fix, our Phantom fly screens for doors are an investment in your home. They’ll soon add more to your property than you paid – an excellent return on investment.
  • Spend more time enjoying your garden – It’s a shame to wall off your garden from the rest of your home. With regular doors, you sacrifice the tranquil sounds and fresh smells of your garden to prevent insects from getting inside. However, with Phantom fly screens you can blend the outdoors and the indoors, benefitting from the sights, smells, and sounds of your garden while you prevent bug bites and infestations.
  • Let fresh air into your home – It’s always a good idea to leave windows and doors open when you’ve been cooking particularly pungent dishes. But of course, you risk letting insects inside. So, which do you choose – a house full of flies or strong cooking odours? Fly screens for doors allow you to leave your doors wide open without inviting heaps of buzzing flies inside.
  • Encourage a cross breeze to keep cool at night – Trying to sleep through a heatwave is next to impossible, especially with your windows and doors sealed up tight. No one is at their best when they’re not getting enough sleep! Fly screens for doors allow you to leave your garden doors open all night long, letting a cool breeze flow indoors.
  • Prevent mosquito bites and buzzing flies Even one mosquito or fly can make your night miserable. However, without screens, the only way to keep them outside is to shut your windows and doors. You shouldn’t have to choose between an overheated house or bug bites.
  • Enhance your garden views – You’ve spent so much time, effort, and money on your garden, so why block out those lovely garden views? Phantom fly screens for doors allow you to gaze out into your garden while you relax and enjoy your kitchen, conservatory, or lounge room.

Improve, don’t move with fly screens for doors

Over the past few years, people have focused less on moving and more on improving their existing homes. By adding thoughtful extensions, upgrading kitchens and bathrooms, and investing in the finishes and details, you can transform your home into your own personal oasis.

The ‘improve, don’t move’ trend has been particularly popular with retired couples who want to spend money on house improvements to get the home of their dreams. They’re already established in your home and community, and they don’t want the hassle, costs, or stress of moving house. Instead of relocating, they’re focused on adding all those special details that will make their lives easier. Our luxury fly screens for doors are just one of these upgrades.

The Best of the US with UK style

Fly screens for doors have long been popular in America, where homes tend to be bigger and fly screens are more common. In many US states and Canadian provinces, the summer is long and humid, and plenty of insects buzz their ways inside. We don’t have that weather in the UK, right?

But wait – we actually do have hot summers! While we don’t tend to think of the UK as a ‘hot country,’ the weather often gets positively tropical. From early June to the end of September, the thermometer can creep up over 40 degrees, with high humidity levels. Particularly in the South and the Midlands, the hot weather and lack of air conditioning force us to fling our doors and windows open – and in come the bugs. Just imagine trying to sleep at night without an open window during the height of summer. It would be impossible. But with that nice cool breeze also comes plenty of uninvited guests – thirsty mosquitoes.

Our North American friends already know the benefits of fly screens for doors. They allow airflow while you sleep and prevent you from being eaten alive by mozzies. We spend up to a third of the calendar year with hot weather, and so it’s time to bring this US-style to the UK.

How would fly screens for doors improve your property?

Aesthetically pleasing, functional, and stylish, Phantom fly screens for doors add value to your property and help to make your house a home. Find out more, talk to our sales team today.

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