Fly screens for windows – in 2 weeks!

Simple, subtle and very easy to use; our fly screens for windows are sensationally practical and cover windows up to 2m wide and 2m high.

Screens are installed by our own fitting experts so you can rest assured they’ll look great and do their job perfectly for years to come. This year, we’re offering white window screens fully installed in just two weeks from order.

Get in touch to book your survey today – and have your window screens fully operational in just two weeks! Simply tell us on the contact form that you’d like to take advantage of the two week fitting offer. Terms and Conditions here.

Serene Fly Screens to Match Your Window Type

We’ll guess your next question

Yes they do fit Velux windows. And casement windows, and sash windows and tilt and turn windows. In fact, Serene fly screens for windows fit most window types you can think of. (We hope you don’t think us presumptuous, but we get asked these questions a lot, and in the spirit of efficiency, we thought we’d get straight to the point).

Some call them versatile, others say they’re universal. We simply call them effortless, integrated, practical, commonsensical, and brilliant. Or Serene for short.

Sense of security

The frame of each Serene screen holds the mesh securely in place so there are no gaps around the edges. All our screens are child safe with no cords or dangling strings and can be made with a range of different technical fabrics to suit your needs.

insect screens for windows
Serene Fly Screens for Windows
Serene Insect Screens for Windows

Splendid blended

Serene insect screens for windows have a soft close system meaning the screens slide back gently when retracted (rather than snapping back), making them super smooth to use. A low-profile cassette housing means they won’t stand out when you need them to blend in. There are no bulky latches either – an elegant and slim bottom frame has a subtle groove just deep enough for the average finger to open and close with ease.

I’m ready for a quote

Detail diehards

Every Serene window fly screen is made to your exact requirements and fitted only by Phantom trained fitters. This means you don’t need to think about the measurements or the installation, we do everything for you efficiently and to high quality standards. We’ll even leave you with a warranty to cover all the mechanical components.

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Want something faster for white frames? Happy to fit yourself? Visit our sister site DIYFlyscreens.

serene window fly screen
Professionally Fitted Serene Window Screens

  • All Phantom Screens come with a Phantom Limited Two Year Warranty to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our products.
  • The warranty covers the screens (fitted by Phantom-trained local design and fitting experts, for the original owner). It cannot be transferred to new homeowners and the screens will not be covered if they are moved to a new address.
  • The warranty covers the paint finish and mechanical parts of the screen but not the mesh itself. The mesh of your Phantom Screen is a serviceable part and will eventually need to be replaced. This can be organised with your local design and fitting expert.
  • Call out, labour and fitting of warrantied parts is not covered by this warranty.
Serene window screens

Serene screens can be made to fit window openings up to 2m wide x 2m high. You might want to think about power screens, if your window opening is larger than this.

The flexibility of the Serene screen means it can be fitted to roof vents and Velux windows. The cassette can be fitted to the face of the inside wall allowing the window to be fully opened into the room passing through the fly screen’s frame. If your opening window is high in the roof line it may be possible to reveal fit the screen into opening.

Price Guide

Serene window screens start at £349 inc. VAT fully fitted.

The Serene window fly screen can be used at different inclines too. Designed in a similar way to an overhead roller blind, the screen mesh or fabric is pulled taught to give a sheer finish and 100% window seal. The roller housing (55mm) is super slim and the side channels (38mm) contain a set of stiff brushes to keep the mesh from being blown out.

When installing a Serene screen to tilt and turn windows, you have two choices. You can either attach to the outside of the window, which gives you a very discreet fitting as you will not be able to see the screen from inside the property, or you can fit the screen to the internal face of your wall. On some occasions the roller unit and tracks will be hidden by pelmets and curtains.

For any other window questions, please get in touch with our technical team.

“Our power screen looks and feels part of the structure of the roof and door frame, no one notices it or realises it’s there until we lower it. It’s a great solution, it has a luxurious feel and definitely has the wow factor – we love it.”

Mr & Mrs Chidley

“They’re amazing, when we’re in here cooking and entertaining, the power screens work brilliantly, we can really enjoy this space and get the best of the outside air without the nuisance of bugs”

Mr & Mrs Greenfield

“We’re delighted – both functionally and aesthetically; you’d barely know our power screen was there.”

Mr & Mrs Allen

“The screens you fitted are a great help in this hot weather in very hot London. It makes such a difference to be able to open the doors and windows for breeze.”

L Hodgson

“Architects and homeowners may not consider the downside of large openings and glazed ceilings – the flies are attracted by the warmth and light and become trapped inside. The installation of my power screens was completed in around half a day with no issues at all. Phantom Screens conducted themselves professionally which gave me great confidence and reassurance that I was purchasing a high-quality product. People think screens can corrupt architectural design; my advice is — they don’t, you don’t notice them at all, they’re a restrained part of the exterior frame and add real value to light, open living spaces.”

Mrs Chidler

“We had Retractable screens fitted to conservatory windows so can now enjoy a breeze without the intrusion of flying insects from the garden. Thank you, this has been a marvellous investment. I can’t understand why the conservatory installers don’t offer this an option when providing quotations.”

Christina Crosby

“Thank you so much, from the first call to finishing, the job has been a great service. It is so nice to see such good and reliable customer service”


“My impression of fly screens was one of outdated strips of plastic or ugly contraptions attached to windows. Phantom Power Screens looked completely different and we were encouraged by the positive reviews they’d been given by other customers. We’re delighted with their discrete presence and we’re all getting used to them as an integral part of the house. We’d been used to keeping all the doors closed to stop the flies coming in, now we can’t wait to open them.”

Mrs Riley

“We would just like to say how thrilled we are with this product, it’s wonderful to open our bedroom window without flies etc coming in. We live in quite a wooded area and have even had a small bird fly in once! We have already recommended this product to family and friends. Thankyou”

Mr & Mrs Swan

“We have several fitted throughout our property, they are well worth the money. Windows and doors can be left open all day and no flies or other pesky insects can get in!”

Mr K Field

“Clean and tidy installation and very pleased with the quality of the screens as this is our second installation having had time to use the first set installed on the extension doors.”

Mr D Poultney

“We ordered four screens for our windows and one for the patio doors. Installation was completed within 2 hours. The colour match was perfect although I had reservations because I had to submit a RAL reference. But fortunately, I obtained the window frame spec. from the builder with which the paint finishers were familiar. Perfect match to our timber window frames. Pleasant to have fresh air without the hassle of insects – I fully recommend Phantom Screens UK for Fly Screens. Well done to all staff. Many thanks”

Mr P Lindsay