Sweet screens are made of this

When you search insect screens online, the chances are you’ll see cheap plastic mesh screens, horticultural netting mesh, or screen mesh that is not weatherproof or UV protective.

Phantom Screens uses only the best UV protective, PVC-coated fibreglass mesh that will not rust, corrode or stain – in all our screens.

Our fibreglass coated mesh is incredibly difficult to rip or tear. For the physics buffs out there, it has a tensile grab strength of 162lb on the warp and a tearing strength of 18lb.

Our standard insect mesh is only 0.015 inches thick meaning it packs a punch when it comes to overall strength.

Incidentally, all our screen mesh is compliant with Europe’s REACH and ROHS commercial standards – regulations that restrict the use of certain chemical substances; so you can rest-assured its production has been properly scrutinised too.

close up of high quality insect screen mesh from Phantom Screens
High quality insect mesh from Phantom Screens


Pet friendly

UV protection

Tough mesh

Hard to tear


Every manual door screen made with high quality side brushes for added protection

Supreme quality construction – in every screen

Every side track manufactured to exacting standards with high performance brush seals

Pet perfect

If our normal insect mesh doesn’t sound as though it would keep your pet indoors (or out), we do offer a tougher ‘TuffScreen’ mesh with our power screens which is even stronger.

While we never guarantee that this mesh will prevent all claws from damaging the screen, it will take considerably more force to do so, which is why we’re frequently asked by pet owners to use this mesh in their screens.

Want to know more about pet mesh? Have a look at a case study showing how a customer used this mesh to keep their Maine Coons inside.

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Every single screen made by Phantom Screens is made with care and attention to detail. We cut the mesh by hand, and use highly trained craftspeople to ensure that each one is finished to our customers exacting requirements.

Quality is our watchword. Nothing leaves our workshop until we’re completely satisfied that every aspect is perfect and that you’ll love your screens as much as we enjoyed making them.

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Impeccable fit

Did you know, it takes 36 different parts to make up an average Serene window screen, but only one master craftsman to make one?

Only Phantom-trained specialist surveyors can measure your window and door spaces and only Phantom-trained fitters can install Phantom Screens.

That’s so you can rest-assured you’ll get the absolute perfect fit – however your doors and windows are configured.

Depending on the screen type and whether you’ve chosen manual or automated screens, it can take 6 weeks to fully manufacture a bespoke screen. White framed screens can be much quicker, but bespoke colours can take a little longer. Speak to our customers and they’ll all tell you they’re worth the wait.

Take a look at how our customers use Phantom Screens in their homes.

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