What are Pleated Screens?

Pleated fly screens with a concertina design
What are Pleated Screens?

Are you looking for an insect screen? Perhaps you’ve stumbled across our pleated screens and are intrigued by their distinctive look. Whether you’re interested in pleated fly screens for bifold doors, French doors, or sliding doors, we can help. Read on to learn more…

What are Pleated Screens?

Distinction Pleated Screens are a type of manual insect screen that have an understated elegance, setting them apart from standard screens. Protect your home from unwanted bugs while enjoying an unspoilt view and natural ventilation – helping you save on air conditioning costs year-round.

Originating in the Japanese traditional culture of ‘compactness’, these were first seen nearly 200 years ago, and their stylish design continues to reinvigorate homes today.

Why Pleated Screens?

Style aside, let’s talk practicality. Unlike a standard manual screen, pleated fly screens stop wherever you choose, giving you complete control. Operated by hand, pleated screens can be left fully open, fully closed or anywhere in between!

The ultra-low-profile monorail track (3mm) sits flush to the floor and doesn’t require stepping over. This is why pleated screens are the ideal insect solution for properties that require an uninterrupted single-level transition between indoors and out, such as the home of a wheelchair user, for example. Pleated screens are reliable, child and pet-friendly and easy to maintain.

Which doors can you use pleated screens on?

Our pleated screens fit most doors, with a maximum height of 2.6m and a maximum width of 2m for a single panel or 4m for a double panel.

Whether you are looking for pleated fly screens for bifold, sliding, or French doors – get in touch with our team today to discuss further.

What’s the best mesh to use?

Our pleated screens come with our standard ultra-fine 18/16 mesh – which blocks up to 55% of UV rays, providing solar shading for a cooler room. The mesh is made from a polyester or fibreglass weave with a PVC coating for extra durability.

How can they complement your home?

Pleated screens have a subtle concertina design that bring an ancient tradition into the 21st century. Ideal for modern homes looking for insect protection that doesn’t compromise on design or style.

We colour match to any RAL colour, ensuring the screens perfectly blend in with your existing frames. This is essential for pleated fly screens for French doors and anywhere the door frames are a statement piece.

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