Cool Breeze in Oxfordshire

Insect Screens for Windows

The Phantom Screens team was recently invited to a characterful home in Oxfordshire to help the owner create a well-ventilated, bug-free living space with professional insect screens for windows. The homeowner wanted to screen all of the doors and windows in her two-storey house located in a small, historical village outside of Oxford. Her aim was to keep the interior cool in the summer without having to deal with the garden detritus and dead insects that were making home maintenance a chore.

The owner had considered blinds and curtains but was aware that each had drawbacks for a modern home. She had heard that Phantom Screens are designed to fit existing door frames and that they create a near-invisible barrier to let fresh air in while reducing solar gain and helping to keep the home cool.

After viewing the property, our experts recommended Legacy screens for the doors and Serene insect screens for windows. Legacy screens are retractable fly screens for single doors up to 1.22m wide. They can also be installed in pairs for double doors up to 2.44m wide and can be colour matched to blend in with existing door frames, so they remain all but undetectable until deployed.

The Phantom Screens team explained that unlike blinds, which create an opaque barrier between indoor and outdoor spaces, Legacy screens let the best of the outdoors in, preserving your view and introducing a breeze. This means you can create hybrid indoor-outdoor spaces that are protected against insects, glare, and UV rays. All you need to do to keep your home bug free is to open the doors and then pull the retractable mesh across.

When installing Legacy door screens and Serene insect screens for windows, Phantom Screens recommends our stiffened 18/14 mesh. The 18/14 refers to the density of the mesh; each square inch of mesh is 18 rectangles wide by 14 rectangles tall. This particular density of mesh provides protection against insects and blocks up to 55% of UV rays, meaning it can help you stay comfortable indoors while also helping to prevent furniture and textiles from becoming sun bleached.

The homeowner was looking for a low-maintenance, hassle-free solution to dressing her doors and windows. Our experts assured her that for customer peace of mind, Phantom’s door screens and insect screens for windows are manufactured from high-quality aluminium in the UK, and the mechanical components are covered by our Phantom Screens Limited Lifetime Warranty. In the end, Phantom Screens was able to help this Oxfordshire resident to keep a cool breeze circulating around her home, and to reduce the amount of time spent cleaning up the areas around doors and windows. We’re always happy to introduce new customers to the best way to dress contemporary windows and doors – and we’re delighted to catch up them later and hear more about how Phantom Screens are transforming the way the people in the UK use their homes.

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Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
ProductsWindow screens
Standard door screens
FunctionInsect control
Temperature control
MeshStandard 18/14 insect mesh