Whole house window screens manual project

Whole house window screens manual project

Our clients in the South of England reached out to Phantom Screens to help improve their home living environment across the entire property.

A brand new build situated on a thoughtful, high quality development, the house has manual screens across every door and window opening – totalling nine window screens and one double door screen.

With every opening screened, the homeowners are able to make the most of the summer breeze without having to worry about insects entering the home.

The bespoke screen framework for both window and door screens is discreet and barely noticeable, easily blending with the existing door and window frames.

This method of integration means the screens appear as though they had always been there, providing an effective barrier between inside and out. In addition, the insect mesh allows fresh air to circulate but does not impact the view.

Screen framework is slim enough that it does not impact the hanging of blinds or curtains, as shown in the images, meaning you maintain full control over décor and soft furnishings.

The screens for this project were finished in white but can be colour matched to any RAL colour depending on your door or window framework.

Get in touch with our sales team to find out more about the benefits of screening your home. See more homes that have been improved with the addition of manual screens for windows and doors here.

Project Stats

Building categoryResidential
ProductsWindow Screens
Standard Door Screens
FunctionInsect control
MeshStandard 18/14 insect mesh